From Beach to Breck Brides
By Victoria Holbus


So here it goes... after living in Breckenridge for 4 years now and being a bridal stylist for a bit a long bit.. and styling hair for brides in Fort Lauderdale

I love to share my knowledge on your upcoming wedding in Summit County

Here are some suggestions for hair and makeup for your special day.

The weather changes quickly from sunny to cloudy to rainy. Be prepared have options for your hair chk out the weather a week before and see if their is rain, wind, or lots of sun.

If its windy, an up style, chignon, braid or half up or down would look amazing.

Crown Flowers and Veils are popular in the hair just make sure the placement of the veil or flower crown is on correctly and very secure .. wind and hugs surround you on your wedding day.

Inspiratonal Pictures of Hair and Makeup can be so helpful sure the pictures match your profile, color, texture and length of hair.

These are just mini insights for you to prepare you for your day... I will be adding more of my favorite places and vendors to this blog weekly . If you have specific questions just email me


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